• Kosar Abbasi II

Dancing Rebel

I was born somewhere far behind the ocean

I was raised with the glamour of sun and sea 

Somewhere that I could see the beauty but showing beauty was forbidden 

Somewhere that I could hear the songs but singing was forbidden 

Somewhere with hot colors and pure shadows under a shining sun but feeling the sunlight on my skin was forbidden 

Everything inviting me to dance but dancing was forbidden

Everything inviting me to love but loving was forbidden

Somewhere that I was told that I was free

I was free to live in my invisible cell but freedom was forbidden

Like a bird not in a cage but forbidden to fly.

"I am yet what I am"

Troubling and Troubled

Like a carmen inside me

Who was forbidden to be what she meant to be

A gypsy soul that can not be chained 

Like a dancing puppet in a show but a dancing rebel on the ruins of rotten thoughts

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