Kosar Abbasi is a dancer and choreographer who expresses her inner revelations through her performance art. The uniqueness of her artistic movements is in combining various rhythms and global dances in a new and unique way. Her way is to connect with the currents of love flowing through her, resounding from the beginning of time like taking soundings from the ocean waves and from the depths of beauty. 

Kosar was born in 1984 and raised in southern Iran. Not being able to pursue her art in the religious atmosphere of revolutionized Iran, she moved to India at the age of nineteen. There, she studied Ayurveda at Pune University and became a scholar of Indian, Middle Eastern and Latin dances. Soon, she began to share her unique movements in over a hundred stage performances, while choreographing and instructing numerous dances. 

After seven years of living in India, Kosar moved to Malaysia where she joined several dancing groups to perform Iranian, Malaysian and Japanese dances on the stage and acted in the movie production of Tamil. Three years later, Kosar migrated to the United States as a refugee to continue her art on a global scale. 

After becoming a resident of Sothern California, Kosar joined the movement of Fusionart and in a short time became the managing director of this artistic movement. As a Fusionartist, Ms. Abbasi now joyously and freely performs, choreographs and teaches Fusionart as a concept that is focused on uniting the opposites.

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